Our vision is to be the team the best people want to work with

We advise leadership teams and help transform the world’s most respected organisations by connecting their strategy, culture and purpose.

We put people at the heart of everything we do through our purposeful, thoughtful and impactful approach.

Meet our team

Chris leads Morgan’s approach to delivering global strategy, purpose and culture programmes. Chris joined 6 years ago from a senior client-side background.

Chris Gamble

Engagement and Strategy Director

Cindy is our chief storyteller. Advising CEOs and leadership teams at Morgan for 7 years, Cindy previously held senior strategic roles at top global agencies.

Cindy Curtois

Brand Strategy Director

Ellen is responsible for delivering significant and complex programmes in the simplest way possible. Ellen joined 7 years ago from a client-side communications leadership role.

Ellen Colquhoun

Creative Operations Director

Dave has shaped Morgan’s creative direction for 17 years, increasing the engagement and performance of millions of employees across the world.

David Coupland

Design Director

Jen visualises content that people instantly connect with. Joining Morgan 7 years ago, Jen delivers impactful creative for some of the world’s most recognisable brands.

Jen Richards

Head of Design

Alex helps define tone of voice and brings stories to life for some of the world’s largest organisations. Alex shares 20 years of strategic editorial experience with the team.

Alex Sewter

Senior Writer

Liz builds long-term partnerships and seeks to add value in every conversation. Liz has been sharing the most effective ways to inspire employees for 22 years.

Liz Spooner

Head of Client Relations

Rachel brings an insight driven, inclusion-centred approach to our culture programmes. Rachel has lead research for some of the world’s most respected brands for over 10 years.

Rachel Westwood

Head of Insight (Associate)

Leah guides our strategic direction and vision to be the team the best people want to work with. Leah has led global engagement programmes for 20 years.

Leah Newby

Managing Director

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